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Experience the Power of IV Infusion

Become the best version of yourself

Restore Your Body and Mind with IV Hydration

You have an important presentation next week and your boss is relying on you. You’ve been burning the midnight oil and eating greasy food in your office for a week. Poor eating habits and not enough water deprive your body nutrients it needs to knock your presentation out of the park. As a fun-loving twenty-something, you know how challenging it is to run your Sunday errands with a bad hangover. Grocery shopping with a headache is no fun. Athletes need plenty of electrolytes to keep their body hydrated and operating at peak efficiency. Fortunately, Tennessee Hydration & Wellness offers a solution to high-powered young professionals, weekend warriors, and athletes: IV Hydration. Our customers rave about our replenishing services.

Experience the Power of IV Infusion

Help Your Body Absorb 100 Percent of the Nutrients You Need

Did you know that even if you eat and drink healthily, your body only absorbs 25-30 percent of the nutrients you ingest? One IV Hydration session takes only 30 to 45 minutes, and your body absorbs 100 percent of the mixture of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and proteins directly into your bloodstream. Keep that raging hangover at bay, improve workplace performance, and gain an edge in the big game with IV Hydration.

We Offer Therapies Tailored to Each of Our Clients

Depending on your needs, we offer three main IV Therapies. Our practitioners are all state licensed with experience in emergency medicine, and they are more than qualified to determine which therapy will work best for you. We offer the following IV Hydration therapies:

  • Wellness therapy
  • Recovery
  • Performance

Contact us and discover the benefits of replenishing IV Hydration Therapy. Our practitioners  have years of experience in emergency medicine. Additionally, we’re proud to offer a FAQ page for you to peruse at your leisure.

Our Ownership Team is Passionate About Your Health

Our owners offer a unique combination of experiences. We encourage you to make an appointment with Tennessee Hydration & Wellness today.

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