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Get the Most out of Your Wedding with an IV Drip

Your wedding will be the best day of your life. But the runup sure is stressful. Between hiring caterers and finalizing the guest list, every step of the way is fraught with big decisions and stressors. Tennessee Hydration & Wellness offers a great tool for dealing with all the stress associated with your upcoming nuptials: Wedding IV drips. Our customers trust us for all their IV Hydration drip needs. We can provide a wide array of cocktails designed to lessen the load and increase your ability to plan your perfect day.

business crown at a party

We Offer Numerous Treatments for Partiers

We offer a wide array of IV drips for our customers to choose from. While many of our drips are perfect for large groups, the three most commonly used for bridal parties include:

  • Beauty IV drip: Get ready for the big day with our anti-aging beauty IV drip. Ideally suited to replenish hair, skin, and nails, this drip includes B-Complex, Vitamin C, Biotin, MSM, CoQ10, and B12.
  • Premium IV drip: This is our all-in-one IV drip. Featuring a highly-effective mixture of vitamins and nutrients, this drip will restore energy and vitality, improve concentration, and ward off cold and flu symptoms.
  • Hangover recovery IV drip: Plan ahead and book an at-home IV drip for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Featuring a complex blend of vitamins and minerals, this drip is highly effective in rehydrating after a fun night of partying.

Plan Your Event The Right Way; Schedule an IV Drip

You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy the benefits of a group package. Get a large group together to attend a concert and have a replenishing IV brought to the hotel room the next morning. Athletes have found our IV drips to be immensely helpful in recovering from intense workouts and competitions, and employers have increased worker productivity with complex vitamin and mineral-rich drips. We offer group rates for all of our services, so be sure to contact us today.